Our Story

We are a mother/daughter partnered program. We purchased our first Miniature Australian Shepherd in 2017. We fell in love with the breed from the start and we never looked back. We have learned a whole lot since we started this journey. We were lucky enough to become quick friends with a handful of other successful breeders which allowed us to build the foundation of our program the right way. 

Simply put, our lives revolve around our animals. They are all special members of our family. All of our guys and gals have a unique story of their own and a personality to match! They have great temperaments and are eager to please, learn and experience all that life has to offer! We make sure our pups have every opportunity to be socialized. They are exposed to new people, farm animals, other dogs, loud noises and new surroundings.

We do everything we can to ensure our pups are as happy and healthy as can be, both physically and mentally. This includes vaccinations, deworming, vet visits, top quality food, supplements, time, attention, and of course lots of love. 

Genetic testing also plays a huge part in ensuring our pups are happy and healthy. This testing allows us to prevent specific inherited diseases. Additional information on all the testing we do is available on the Genetic Health Testing tab above.

One of the best feelings is knowing we have found one of our pups their new loving forever home.