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If you have questions, hopefully the information found here will answer them!

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$1,000  -  $3,500

What determines pricing?



Coat Pattern

Eye Color

Limited or Full Registration


We currently have both a 'PET ONLY' and a 'BREEDING RIGHTS' contract. Please read through which ever one applies.




PET ONLY : Pet Only is also known as 'Limited Registration', which means that the dogs offspring cannot be registered, whether the offspring is purebred or not. Generally we do not require dogs sold as pets to be spayed or neutered. However, if we do not consider the dog breeding quality for any reason, then having them spayed or neutered will be required. This will be added to the amendments section at the end of the contract. Usually this is due to mismarkings and/or lack of pigment around the eyes and ears. 

If a dog was sold with limited registration but is breeding quality, there is the option to purchase the breeding rights for the additional fee at a later date. Once paid in full, we will contact the registry and have the registration changed.

BREEDING RIGHTS: With all of our registered females/males, as the breeder, we have the ability to decide whether our dogs are sold for breeding or for a pet. If the dog is determined to be breeding quality and the buyer chooses to pay the addition fee for the rights, then any purebred offspring the dog may have may be registered through AKC or ASDR, dependent on the dogs current registration.


We provide a one year health guarantee that your puppy will be free from life threatening congenital defects.

We feed all our puppies and adult dogs Life's Abundance.  We are an Independent Representative for the company and love the way are dogs and puppies look.  If you feed your puppy Life's Abundance we will warrant their genetic health for an additional year.  Please be sure to order under our name so we can track the purchases. Your reps name will be Trudi Davis.  ​

All pups also come with the option of one free month of pet insurance through TruPanion, immediate coverage and no obligation.


We require a non-refundable deposit of $200-$500 (depending on the total price of the pup) to hold your pup of choice. All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE unless death or injury occurs while puppy/dog is still in our care. In the event of death or injury while still in our care, the deposit may be refunded or transferred.

PICK DEPOSITS: If you are looking for something specific and are interested in being put on our picking list, please read through the pick deposit contract.




Remaining payments are due at 8 weeks of age or upon pick up/delivery date agreed to by both buyer/breeder.

All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

We no longer accept PayPal.

Deposit payment methods accepted at NO fee: Cash, Money Order or Venmo. Deposits placed by VENMO must be sent WITHOUT ‘Purchases’ turned on. Moving forward if deposits placed through venmo are sent by/for Purchases, the buyer will be charged an additional 3% fee due with the remaining balance of the puppy. If sending a money order, it must be sent USPS Priority mail and tracking must be provided to Seller in order for said puppy to be placed on hold/pending. 

Final payments are due in CASH at time of pick up. The only exception for this moving forward will be if the puppy/dog is being transported. Those transactions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Installments may be discussed if needed.


Color Me Aussies will hold puppies up until 10 weeks of age free of charge. If puppies are kept past 10 weeks of age due to the fault of the buyer, a boarding fee at $5.00 per day as well as all expenses for any routine care to keep the puppy up to date on vaccinations and preventative care.


Color Me Aussies would prefer that all puppies be picked up from our home. However, we understand that is not always an option.

-MEETING: Granting that our schedule allows it, we are willing to travel at the buyers expense of a fuel fee for delivery or meet up. The fee for this is currently $0.55/mile. With fuel prices increasing, this charge could change at any given time.

The non-refundable deposit and fuel fee must be paid prior to departure if the seller is traveling to meet the buyer.

-FLIGHT NANNY: We work with a flight nanny service that personally carriers your puppy from the Salt Lake City airport to which ever major airport is nearest you. The price of this is typically $400-$800, mainly depending on the price of flights to your area. There will be an additional airport fee of $75 to cover fuel.

The nanny then carries the puppy with her/him in a breathable, soft travel carrier in the cabin the entire trip. The puppy is then given treats, a potty break and lots of love and attention during their travel. 

The puppy must be paid in full before our departure to the airport to be handed off to the nanny. 

-AIRPORT PICKUP: Another option is that you fly into Salt Lake City Airport and we meet you there. This can be a bit cheaper than a nanny as you won't be paying for their time. If a take home package and carrier are needed, those will be an additional charge ranging from $50-$100 depending on the size of carrier needed. There will be an additional airport fee of $75 to cover fuel.

If you are considering this option, be aware that DELTA AIRLINES does have a 10 week old puppy policy.

-GROUND TRANSPORT: We also have ground transportation options available. This allows your pup to be transported straight from our front door, to yours!

Puppies WILL NOT leave our care or be shipped until at least 8 weeks of age. 

All shipping costs will be the sole responsibility of the buyer. Shipping arrangements and health certificate appointments will be at the buyer's expense and will not be arranged until puppy is paid for in full.


Our dogs are registered with ASDR, AKC, or both. The only exception are designer cross breeds.

All of our puppies will carry our ‘COLOR ME’ name within the registered name of the puppy. The seller reserves the right to deny a registration name if they see fit or if it has already been taken. The process and fees of registration is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

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