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Puppies!: Welcome


Raising puppies is the core and life of our program. There are countless responsibilities when raising puppies. We pour an enormous amount of time into our little ones and we aim to give them the best foundation possible. 

We strive to produce happy healthy puppies. Genetics, colors, temperament, drive, personalities as well as bloodlines are all considered when we are planning our litters. Then all of our puppies are raised in our home. Their tails are docked and dew claws removed.

**If you are wanting a tail, the pup of your choice must be paid in full by day 2 (docking is done on day 3).**

All our pups are then given all age appropriate vaccinations as well as deworming. They also undergo a wellness exam by our vet prior to leaving our home, sometime between 6-8 weeks old.

We focus on the two smaller sizes of Australian Shepherds:

-Miniature Size: 14-18" tall and ranging from 20-35 lbs.

-Toy Size: 10-13" tall and ranging from 10-20 lbs.

We do occasionally have pups outside of these sizes but not regularly, genetics are funny like that.

To help ensure a smooth transition to their new home, our pups go home with their own puppy packet which includes:

-Lifetime Support

-Puppy Contract (available here)

-One-year Health Guarantee

-Registration paperwork (if applicable)

-Transitional Puppy Chow

-Health/Vaccination Record

-Proof of Vet Exam


-A Toy

-A Blanket

-A Free Month of Pet Insurance from Trupanion (immediate coverage and no obligation)

When your new puppy arrives home, they will need additional supplies as well. Here are some things that can be purchased before the new member of your family comes home!

-Crate, a bed and blankets

-A collar, leash, harness and personalized tags.

-Food and Water dishes

-Training treats

-Chew/Teething toys and exercise toys

-Puppy Shampoo and Conditioner

-Cleaning supplies for accidents

-Puppy chow of choice to transition to

Puppies!: About

Status terms we use and what they mean:

NFS = Not For Sale

ON HOLD = The pup is currently being held for evaluation for our program.

SALE PENDING = We are waiting to receive a deposit.

RESERVED = Deposit has been received.

SOLD = Pup has been paid for in full.

AVAILABLE = Pup is available!

Color and Gender naming shortcuts we use and what they mean:

RT=Red Tri
BT=Black Tri
RM=Red Merle
BM=Blue Merle
Male or Female indicated by the M or F.
Example RTM = Red Tri Male

Puppies!: Text
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